TEA FORTE The exceptional tea experience   

Tè Neri /Black Tea 3-5min infusion

English Breakfast

complex malty nuances to start the day in the best possible way

€ 4,00

Decaf Breakfast

rich ceylon, passito, served black or with milk

€ 4,00

Earl Grey

timeless expression of assam and bergamot

€ 4,00

Estate Darjeeling

refined tea from the Monteviot area

€ 4,00

Tè Verdi / Green Tea 2-3 min infusion

Jasmine Green

rare, exceptional chung hao tea, scented with jasmine flowers

€ 4,00

Maroccan Mint

hand-rolled gunpowder tea and refreshing mint

€ 4,00

Green Mango Peach

the sweetness of ripe fruit refined with peppermint and ginger

€ 4,00


superior quality leaves, harvested and steamed in early spring

€ 4,00

Tè Bianchi / White Tea 3-5 min infusion

White Ginger Pear

delicate white tea leaves plus a hint of pear and spicy ginger

€ 4,00

Tisane Herbal Tea 5+min infusion

African Solstice

layered decaffeinated red tea with sweet and pink berries

€ 4,00

Chamomile Citron

sunny Egyptian chamomile revived by herbs and flowers

€ 4,00

Ginger Lemongrass

citrus notes balanced by fresh mint and soft licorice

€ 4,00

Blueberry Merlot

an award-winning herbal blend with sweet berries and flavorful sage

€ 4,00

Rspberry Nectar

hibiscus and citrus fruits form a deep ruby ​​color

€ 4,00