Oysters Kys Marine

€ 4.00 each

Porcupine scampi

€ 4.00 each

Red Prawns from Mazara

€ 4.00 each

Salmon Tartare

100gr with Avocado and Cream Cheese

€ 20.00

Red Tuna Tartare

100gr with Mango Chutney

€ 22.00

Oyster One Shot

Kys oyster, quail egg, salmon roe, ponzu sauce, black truffle and 2 drops of whiskey

€ 7.00

Jamon 100% Bellota (Patanegra) 80gr

Served with croutons and marinated cherry tomatoes

€ 24.00

Fillets of Apulian anchovies

Serve with croutons, marinated cherry tomatoes and butter curls

55gr € 14.00

130gr € 28.00

Baeeri white sturgeon caviar

Served with croutons and butter curls

10gr € 20.00

18gr € 38.00

28gr € 55.00

Selection of cured meat

€ 16,00

Cheese selection


Selection of cured meat and cheeses

€ 16.00


Caesar Salad

Vegetable garden salad, cherry tomatoes, croutons, low temperature cooked chicken cut, homemade caesar sauce and crispy bacon

€ 14.00

Nicoise Salad

Garden salad, fresh tuna steak, julienne confit peppers, cherry tomatoes, Pugliese anchovy fillet and Taggiasca olives, green beans, potatoes and boiled egg

€ 16.00



Ciabatta bread with courgettes, aubergines, cherry tomatoes and local cheese

€ 9.00

Speck, Porcini mushrooms and Cheese

Ciabatta bread with speck, sautéed porcini mushrooms and local cheese

€ 10.00


Raw and Bufala cheese

Flat bread with oil with San Marzano tomato, bufala cheese from Campania, Parma ham and fresh basil

€ 16.00

Burrata cheese cream and pistachios with mortadella

Flat bread with oil stuffed with burrata cheese cream, pistachios and mortadella

€ 16.00