Piedmontese Fassona Tartare with Lime-flavored Yogurt and confit cherry tomatoes

Allergens - lactose

€ 18,00

Vegetable strudel In sesame crust on Parmesan cheese cream

Allergens - Gluten, lactose, eggs and nuts

€ 14,00

Platter of cold cuts and cheeses from the "El Volt" selection

Allergens - Lactose

€ 15,00

Veal carpaccio cooked at low temperature with Homemade Tuna sauce

Allergens - lactose


Burrata and Apulian anchovy on a gazpacho of datterino tomatoes

Allergens - Gluten, fish, lactose


Stuffed squid with olives and potatoes on pea cream and sautéed broccoli

Allergens - fish, lactose



Ravioli del Plin (fresh pasta) with ricotta and black truffle on parmesan cream

Allergens - gluten, lactose, eggs

€ 18,00

Canederli "Ancient Recipe" of Trentino with Butter and Sage

Allergens - Gluten, eggs, lactose

€ 14,00

Traditional hand-pulled pizzocchero (fresh pasta) with bitto from Valtellina and coasts from our garden

Allergens - gluten and lactose

€ 16,00

Tagliatella (fresh pasta) creamed on pea cream with veal ossobuco ragout

Allergens - Lactose, gluten, celery, eggs

€ 16,00

Vialone nano risotto with mountain herbs and smoked alpine trout tartare

Allergens - Lactose, fish, gluten

€ 17,00


Fillet of Beef grilled in wood with flavored potatoes

Allergens - lactose

€ 26,00

Crispy pork belly with porcini mushrooms and mashed potatoes

Allergens - Lactose, Mushrooms


Grilled duck breast with port sauce and mashed potatoes

Allergens - lactose


French Racks of Lamb in pistachio crust with new potatoes

Allergens - lactose, gluten, celery


Braised beef cheek with Storo polenta

Allergens - lactose, celery


Red mullet with fried aubergine and smoked provolone stew

Allergens - lactose, gluten, eggs, fish


Grilled Fiorentina of Manzetta Prussiana

€6,50 for ectogram


Porcini Mushrooms with Storo Polenta

€ 20,00

Grilled Trentino Dairy Cheese with Polenta

€ 12,00


Aromatic Potatoes

€ 6,50

Mixed salad

€ 6,50

Grilled cheese

€ 9,00

Polenta from Storo

€ 4,00

Porcini mushrooms

€ 16,00

Grilled vegetables

€ 7,00


Creamed ice cream with berries



Wild fruit tart with custard

Allergens - eggs, lactose and nuts, gluten


Millefeuille with Chantilly cream and berries

Allergens - eggs, lactose and nuts, gluten

€ 7,00

At Cafe Tiramisu

Allergens - gluten, lactose, eggs

€ 7,00

Chestnut honey parfait with Piedmontese hazelnuts and Evo oil

Allergens - eggs, nuts and lactose

€ 8,00

Lemon sorbet

€ 5,00


€ 2.50