Clover Club

Gin,raspberry puree,fresh lemon juice

€ 8,00

Old Fashioned

Bourbon diluted with liquid sugar and chocolate bitters

€ 9,00


Dry gin, fresh lemon juice,blackberry liqueur

€ 8,00

Mai Tai

White rum,dark rum, grand marnier, orgeat, lime juice,velvet falernum,angostura

€ 10,00


Dry gin,Campari and Red Vermouth

€ 8,50

Gin Fizz

Dry gin, lemon juice, cane sugar, soda

€ 8,00

Martini Cocktail

Vodka or gin with a touch of dry vermouth

€ 9,00


Whisky,red vermouth,angostura

€ 9,00


Barrel Aged Boulevardier

Bourbon, campari and vermouth with bitter chocolate  aged at least 3 months in oak barrel

€ 11,00

Black Forest Negroni

Dry gin, campari infused with coffe, sherry infused with cocoa beans, cherry and cocoa liqueur aged at least 3 months in oak barrel

€ 12,00

Passaggio Alpino

Apline gin from Valcamonica Valley, locally sourced herb bitter,genepy, fresh lemon juice, honey infused with star anise, chocolate and orange bitter

€ 10,00

Mi-Negri-To 2.0

Flor de cana 12yo rum,Campari infused with coffee beans and cacao, red vermouth, tonka bean, chocolate bitters, ages in Nicaragua barrique for minimum 3 months

€ 12,00

Sparkling Paloma 

Tequila, fresh lime juice, agave honey, sparkling grapefruit

€ 10,00

Un Lupo al Mare

Gin, citrus juice, agave honey, aloe vera, Cà del Bosco Prestige Franciacorta

€ 12,00

Chartreuse Swizzle

Green Chartreuse,velvet falernum,pineapple juice, fresh lime 

€ 10,00

Monk's Muse

Gin, Yellow Chartreuse, vermouth, pear juice, agave honey

€ 10,00


No-Groni (low alcoholic)

Seedlip Spice 94 non-alcoholic distillate, non-alcoholic bitter, red vermouth

€ 7,00

Grove 42 Tonic

Seedlip Groove 42, lemongrass tonic water

€ 8,00

Spice 94 Tonic

Seedlip 94 non-alcoholic distillate,grapefruit tonic 

€ 8,00

Garden 108 Tonic

Seedlip Garden 108, cardamom tonic

€ 8,00


Seedlip 94 non-alcoholic distillate, coconut milk, honey syrup,lemon juice, cinnamon

€ 7,00

Peas & Flowers

Seedlip Garden 108, honey sirup, lemon balm vinegar, soda, edible flowers

€ 7,00


Seedlip Groove 42, carrot cordial, soda

€ 7,00