Drinks & Beers


€ 4,00

Coca Cola Zero

€ 4,00

Lemonade "Imperdibile"

€ 4,00

Orange juice "Imperdibile"

€ 4,00

Cedrata "Imperdibile"

€ 4,00


€ 4,00

Ginger Beer / Ginger Ale

€ 4,00

Tonic Water

€ 4,00

Cold Lemon / Peach Tea

€ 4,00

Alpine Fizzy Drink

€ 4,00

Juice of Fruit Pago

Apple. Peach. Apricot. Pineapple. Orange. ACE. Grapefruit.

€ 4,00

Organic Nectars and Juices "Marco Colzani"

Apricot. White peach. Pear. Blueberries. Raspberries. Orange. American grape. Grapefruit. Strawberry. Red currant. Black currant. Pineapple. Mango. Apple. Cherry. Tangerine. Pomegranate.

€ 6,00

Still water Panna 250ml

€ 2,00

Sparkling water San Pellegrino 250ml

€ 2,00


Beer Menabrea Blonde/Red 330ml

€ 5,00

Beer Ichnusa Not filtered 330ml

€ 5,00

Beer Brewdog Punk Ipa 330ml

€ 5,00


AILA-Golden Ale 250ml 4,5% 

Color: golden load, medium-grained foam, compact and persistent

Perfume: from the initial smellof cereals, with the increase in temperature they also express herbaceous and citrus notes and a touch of honey in the finish

Taste: wraps the taste of cereals and bread that is enriched as a delicate citrus and herbaceous touch

The bitter component is well blended and gentle.

Dry and very drinkable beer.

€ 5,50

LUCKY SHOES-Amber 330ml 5,1%

Color: bright amber with a dense foam

Aroma: slight toasted malt character and hop content aroma

Taste: medium-bodied, dry and refreshing, slighty bitter 

€ 6,50

WHITE SHARK-Weizen 330ml 5,0%

Color: veiled bland

Bouquet: light and characteristic aroma of banana and tropical fruits

Taste: delicate and fresh, a right mix of sweet/sour

€ 6,50

FORMIDABILE Strong Ale Spiced 330ml 4,9%

Color: bright mahogany, compact foam

Aroma: important malty and peaty notes, pleasant hints of marasca cherry, wood and a slight smoking

Taste: soft and inviting it balances the peat with warm notes of ripe cherry, marasca cherry and licorice

€ 6,50