Scallops and Fois Gras €15,00

Scallops, seared fois gras and caviar

Edamame €5,00

Soy green beans

A Thousand leaves €10,00

Puff pastry with tuna, stracchino cheese on a bed of truffle cream

Cruditè of sea €15,00

Escape Porcupine, oysters Kys, scallop, Red crayfish of Mazara 

Oyster One Shot €7,00

1 Oyster kys, 1 quail egg, salmon roe, pozu sauce, black truffle and 2 drops of whiskey


Salmon €15,00

With mediterranean sauce and extra virgin olive oil

Tuna €16,00

With yuzu sauce

Suri €16,00

Chopped amberjack with tomato and avocado, topped with miso yuzu sauce

Amaebi €16,00

Sicilian red crayfish, chopped and orange, seasoned with mango sauce


Salmon €5,00

Tuna €5,00

Amberjack €5,00

Red crayfish €8,00

Scallops €5,00

NIGIRI GUNKAN-sushi cream puffs-2 pc

Gio Salmon €7,00

Gio Tuna €8,00

Gio Lobster €10,00

Mango and lobster

Gio Quail €8,00

Tuna, quail eggs, white truffle oil with ponzu sauce


Sashimi mixed-10 pieces €20,00

Salmon, tuna, amberjack and Sicilian red crayfish

Sashimi salmon-6 pieces €12,00

Sashimi tuna-6 pieces €14,00


Mango Roll €16,00

Salmon, avocado, mango carpaccio and mango sauce

Tataki Roll €18,00

Cucumber, avocado, fresh wasabi, seared tuna with fresh fruit, miso sauce and yuzu

Scampi Roll €20,00

Raw shrimp, salad, scampi and fresh wasabi

Roll 75 €30,00

Grilled salmon, avocado, grilled scallops, raw red prawn, black truffle, dark chocolate and Mediterranean sauce

Dragon Roll €25,00

Tempura shrimp, philadelphia cream, spicy lobster flambé

Tuna Fois Gras €20,00

Raw shrimp, avocado, philadelphia cream, lightly seared tuna with fois gras


Black Cod €23,00

Alaskan cod in miso sauce

Kobe Beef €70,00

Fine Japanese Beef