Beef Tartare with knife with escalope of foie gras and chestnuts 

Allergens - nuts and gluten


Strudel of vegetables on parmesan cream 

Allergens - Gluten, lactose, eggs and nuts


Sicilian shrimps seared on parmesan cream with sautéed chanterelles, black truffle, saffron coral, basil and bottarga sponge

Allergens - Gluten, lactose, crustaceans, fish


Salami and cheese of the "El Volt" selection 

Allergens - Lactose


Squids and Prawns with vegetables and salad 

Allergens - Lactose, fish, crustaceans


Veal with tuna sauce 

Allergens - eggs



Spaghetti with cuttlefish ink with Mont'isola sardines with confit cherry tomatoes and robiola foam 

Allergens - lactose, gluten and fish


Spinach Ravioli with ricotta and arctic char on reduction to Franciacorta wine

Allergens - lactose, gluten and eggs, fish


The real Pizzocchero of the tradition pulled by hand with Bitto cheese d.o.p. of the valtellina 

Allergens - gluten and lactose


Tagliolino fresh pasta with venison ragout and sauteed vegetables 

Allergens - gluten, eggs and lactose


Risotto with mountain herbs and smoked Alpine trout 

Allergens - lactose, crustaceans



Beef fillet in pistachio crust with buttered potatoes 

Allergens - lactose, nuts


Pork belly with porcini mushrooms and mashed potatoes 

Allergens - lactose and mushrooms


Venison fillet in its juice with red fruits and sauteed vegetables

Allergens - celery


Braised beef with storo polenta and crunchy vegetables

Allergens - celery


French rack of lamb with fine herbs in bacon crust with mashed potatoes 

Allergens - lactose



Baked potatoes


Mixed salad


Porcini mushrooms with polenta


Grilled cheese


Grilled vegetables



Our coffee tiramisu

Allergens - gluten, eggs and lactose


Revisiting the gluten free sacher torte with chestnuts and red fruit jam 

Allergens - nuts 


Piedmont hazelnuts semifreddo with cocoa crumble 

Allergens - nuts, eggs, lactose


Tartlet with lemon cream and italian meringue

Allergens - gluten, lactose and eggs


Stuffed ice cream fruits


Tart with custard and fresh berries 

Allergens - gluten, nuts and lactose


Selection of ice creams and sorbets

Allergens - lactose nuts and eggs